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The city actively pursues industrial development and considers both commercial and industrial uses. A new high-rise with apartments has been built on the site of a former industrial building, which is currently under construction.

The United States should take the lead in distributing vaccines and show the world that even prisoners can be treated fairly without punishment. If the standard distribution of vaccines includes helping the most vulnerable, as officials stress, we should be at the top of the list.

After all, those behind bars may be isolated from the rest of America, but they remain part of society diminished by their crime. Prisoners are losing their freedom and we all know that we cannot change that, so we are not condemning them to suffer and die from a virus. I was serving a life sentence for a murder I committed in my early 20s, which I regret to this day.

Two years ago, I was transferred to another prison and I was the first inmate in the United States to die of colic. In the prison where I am housed, we met a young woman in her 20s who died of an illness she called cornbread.

In February 2011, EPA officials told us that the agency would continue the project, but on May 26, 2011, we ordered USEPA to make a final approval decision, which it did the following day. In June 2011, I filed a review application with the Environmental Complaints Chamber of USE PAPA. One message quoted me as saying: "There was no solution when EPA chief Lisa Jackson broke her own rules and illegally approved the permit.

I also heard her say that she did not trust the approval process, which I think is hasty, nor the Democratic-led government. She said she would not take the vaccine if offered it to her and said she did not "trust" her.

If prisoners are forced to wear their ragged masks in case of an offence, the guards wear them on their heads.

To get your meal before the chow hall closes for another person, you have to walk down two staircases, which are about five feet wide, shoulder to shoulder. Let me call, and if I " M can't be the first in the queue for 10 phones, I'll stand and wait until another cell is occupied. When I get to the phone, I put my face in front of someone who is using the handset and they let me in.

The postcode of the commune is 93204, and the telephone number is used in the sequence 559 - 386 - XXXX, so the postcode for this commune was 93205.

The area is covered in wild oats that look like golden silk and cover the Kettleman Plains waist. During World War II, the hill had a training base, the US Air Force Training Center. The life in the area, the sun - baked hills and proximity to the sea - meant that adequate living conditions were created for the rapidly growing population. Trees were planted to provide plenty of shade and houses, large and small, were built to enjoy life on this once barren plain.

In an election in February 1934, the municipality of Avenal was established as a fire district to serve the town and the county efficiently.

This organisation took over all emergency services, not to mention the extended ambulance service, fire brigade and police. The census showed that 6,423 (41.4%) of the total number of households in Avenal were institutionalized and 0.0% lived in non-institutionalized group quarters, of which 4.2% were "institutionalized."

60.2% had children under 18 years of age, 58.5% of them were married couples living together, 14.9% were non-family and 16.8% had a housekeeper without a husband. In Avenal, 2.1% (1.6%) of the total number of households were "married" to the same couple.

In Avenal, 3.3% were 65 years or older and the population was distributed among the 18-29 age group, roughly in line with the national average of 2.4%. About 1.5% of the population of Avena, or about 1,500 people, lived below the poverty line, including about 2,000 people in the lowest income bracket ($18,200 for a family of four).

The racial composition of the city was in line with the national average of 2.4%, or about 1,500 people.

Median income per household in the city was $29,710, and median income per family was $28,019. In 1940, Avenal had about 1,500 people, or about 2,000 people per square mile. Streets and paths were surveyed and laid out, water pipes laid, and the city was introduced into its purposeful career almost overnight. Foresight made the boom orderly, as Avenals was home to a tent city before it began, but in the 1940s it was one of California's wealthiest cities, with a median household income of $18,827.

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More About Avenal